What is a Mystery Quilt?  Have you ever wondered?  The short answer is, a Mystery Quilt is where you are given the fabric requirements and cutting directions and you have no idea what it will look like until you are done.  Some people love them and others don't.

To make your mystery successful you need to follow any hits the designer may provide.  Like select 6 or more fabrics of the same color range.  If there are no real clues then look to the fabric requirements.  Normally the fabric with the largest quantity is the background fabric.  Then you will have accompaning fabrics or Accent A, Accent B, etc.  One of the tricks that usually works is to put all your fabrics together and make sure that each one has a "voice."  Now move the fabrics into a different order and check again to ensure the voices are still heard.  When fabrics blend together sometimes you lose the quilt design.

Starting soon I will be having a Mystery of the Month program.  I will provide a downloadable sheet with fabric requirements and cutting directions.  The instructions will be provided on YouTube for a period of time.  After such time, like 2 or 3 weeks, the instructions will be able to be downloaded for a fee.  You will still be able to watch the YouTube video as many times as you wish.


Go Ask Martha Mystery - Fabric and Cutting Directions Click here to download the directions.

Go Ask Martha is a good first mystery and it only has three fabrics: Background and two accents.  This can also be done scrappy.  When converting a pattern to make it scrappy add about 1/4 yard to each yardage requirement, for the accents pick a variety of fabrics in the same color range.  Have fun!!